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October 28th, 2023 9-4 

Albuquerque Shambhala Center 

1102 Mountain Road NW 

Albuquerque, NM 

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Many of us are feeling disheartened about the state of the world- stuck, fearful, disconnected and uninspired. How do we hold the light of possibility while also the challenges and realities of our own and the world's suffering? How do we step into our personal leadership and gain the life force necessary to serve and lead with love while also honoring our grief, our health and boundaries?


In this one day workshop we will explore these and others questions using mindfulness practices, movement, dialogue, and practical exercises for gaining clarity and inspiration. We will not necessarily arrive at all the answers, but you will leave feeling a renewed sense of embodied connection and clarity for moving forward in what matters most for you.


This workshop is for leaders, changemakers, activists, nonprofit workers, parents, teachers, and anyone wanting to step more fully into their lives and into possibility.

Lead with Love

Stepping into personal leadership during challenging times 

Let's work 1:1

Transformative Coaching

Coaching is the art of bringing your whole self into the conversation. Coaching supports us to live the lives we want to create. Coaching helps us get through the stuck places to serve more fully. Coaching guides us to re-discover our authentic selves.


Transformative coaching is about changing the inner place from which we operate rather than learning how to cope. Real change begins when we acknowledge where we’re stuck, with bravery and kindness.

As a coach, I will listen deeply and guide you through practices that help you attune to the deepest resonance of who you are and what you want.  I’ll walk along side you as you identify and befriending what’s in the way of your full expression. I’ll help you articulate what it is you really want to create and develop a plan to get there. 


Who is coaching for? Executive Directors of non-profits, CEOs and Senior Leaders, Individuals seeking to live to their full potential, Activists and Community Organizers, and Entrepreneurs. If you’ve read this far then it’s for YOU!

Community Work

Leadership Development & Team Building Workshops for Non-Profits, Government, and Organizations 

The world needs leaders like never before.


At the same time, our ideas about leadership need to change from outdated ideas of being in control, from acting alone, and from coping to leadership as the vessel for collective transformation, authentic connection, and trusting wholeness.


Leadership is about transforming from the inside out: ourselves, our teams, and our systems. 

Leadership is about bringing our whole selves into the conversation so we can do the work we were born to do and live fully engaged lives, co-creating the world we all want and need. These are challenging times of rapid and accelerated change. In this environment of continual challenge, how do we create and foster healthy team cultures that are engaged, accountable, joyful, and energized toward a shared vision?

I create and lead customized leadership development and team-building workshops.

  • Emotional Intelligence for Healthier Teams and Leaders

  • Communication and Collaboration using DiSC

  • Working through Conflict Together

  • Holding others Accountable with Kindness 

  • Skills for Holding Difficult Conversations

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Creating and Fostering Psychological Safety for Effective and Collaborative Environments

  • Teambuilding for Joy

  • Nuturing Inclusive Cultures 

  • Fostering a Shared Vision

  • Developing Agreements and Values

  • Strategic Planning (re-ignite!)

  • Inspired Board Retreats 

Under Water
"Leadership in its essence is the capacity to shift the inner place from which we operate"

Otto Scharmer

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