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About Me.

Hello. I’m Halleluiah Strongheart. Transformative and Integrative Coach. Leadership Consultant. Mom. Poet. Disruptor.


I bring years of experience in leadership studies, awareness training, teaching and facilitation, and fostering connection to help organizations and people thrive. 


I am passionate about creating spaces for meaningful dialogue and connection as well as facilitating experiences in which people can connect in a way that enables them to stay focused and engaged on what’s important.

After spending several years as a teacher in the public schools, I developed a special passion for how leadership can either make or break a collaborative and healthy team culture. I started an inquiry into how human systems change for the better. I’m still on the journey.


MA in Leadership and Organizational Development

MA in Education

Trained in Presence-Based Coaching

Certified Meditation Instructor 

Certified in DiSC for healthy workplace communication and collaboration

Cerified in EQi Emotional Intelligence for leaders and teams

Certified in Crucial Conversations-Learning to hold difficult conversations and hold others accountable

Certified in Influencer- how to influence change 


25 years of deep study and practice in meditation, ancient wisdom teachings, somatic practices, nervous system healing and shadow integration. 

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