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The world needs leaders like never before. 

In these rapidly changing times our ideas about leadership need to change from outdated models of being in control, acting alone, authority and coping- to leadership as the vehicle for collective transformation, authentic connection and a deep trust in our own and others’ inherent wholeness.  

Does this sound like you?

Unleash your potential. Integrate. 


  • Are you a leader, executive, activist, healer, entrepreneur, or influencer ready to create change from the inside out?

  • Who is ready to lead from wholeness, love, and authenticity?

  • Who wants to do good work in the world but keeps getting stuck in the same patterns and losing heart?

  • Who gets overwhelmed and stressed with work and life while trying to do too much?

  • Who gets distracted from your sense of purpose and needs to re-locate your life-force? 

  • Who wants to come from a place of wisdom, love, and authenticity but often feels stuck in an outdated personality?

  • Who wants to be an effective leader of teams but finds it difficult to work with people dynamics effectively?

  • Who wants tools, practices, and guidance to live from a place of abundant joy and wholeness while navigating these challenging times?​

I'm Halleluiah Strongheart

I deeply trust my body and the path of healing through presence.

I am learning to listen-to really truly listen to both my internal experience and to the perspective of others. I appreciate paradox. I am a seeker. I am deeply intuitive. I am highly sensitive. I care fiercely about our world and believe in humanity. My highest values are love, compassion, discernment and wisdom. I am a lifelong learner. I feel most alive when I'm sharing big ideas and small truths with others. I'm learning to surrender to change and impermanence. I'm learning to be kind and simple. I love people. I love animals. I love nature in all it's forms. I'm learning to humble myself to the earth's wisdom. I'm learning to grieve. I am learning to use my voice-to sing, to speak, to clarify. I have studied with many wise teachers. I love to share. 

What I offer

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Private Coaching

Integrative & Transformative

Leadership Development Workshops

For non-profits, government, and organizations big and small 

Stone Balancing
Take the next step

Let me support you on your journey to wholeness


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